MC mini HL is being discontinued!!

  1. I just reserved one at LV and the SA told me they were being discontinued!!! Anyone else love these too?:crybaby: Oh well, at least I found one!!
  2. i want one....too expensive........
  3. ITA
  4. It was discontinued a while ago- apparently there are especially few white ones left.
  5. I am so glad that I have the black :smile:
  6. really? compared to other LV bags? I mean the heart is $350...the HL is $515 not that much difference :confused1: but it is pricey I guess..
  7. Too pricey for something so small....not very practical for me.
  8. I had one and it was defective so they gave me store credit for it.
  9. wouldn't really break the bank much more by paying the few more dollars for a MC pochette IMO...
  10. people, if you have a mini sac, than join the club in the lv club section!! we only have like 3 members in the club!
  11. It's cute. But really tiny and impractical.
  12. Join!
  13. i have one.
  14. join, join join!!