MC Metis vs MC Speedy B 35

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  1. I can't decide which to get first as my next purchase prior to the price hike.

    Which would you choose out of the two? I'm looking for style & versatility.

    I should also add I have a 3 year old which may affect the choice :smile:

    All suggestion and opinons very greatly appreciated please
  2. Speedy. I'm not a Métis fan!
  3. I own both and I have to say they are both my fav of my collection.... But if I had to choose, I much rather choose the Metis only because it is a lot more comfortable where as the straps of the speedy can get a bit uncomfy after a while. Plus the metis is such a beautiful bag lol.
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    They make a mc metis? Since when?! I love the classic speedy style so that has my vote

    Okay edit - I look like an idiot now because I think you mean mono canvas and not multicolor haha ignore that last comment. I actually also change my mind to metis because you already have two speedy's :smile:
  5. Im an idiot too then because I googled multicolor metis thinking I was missing something. HAHA :P

  6. Funny...I thought the same thing:P
  7. I was confused for a minute too!!!! Speedy!
  8. Speedy!!! I tried Metis before and really did not care for it .
  9. I am a speedy girl but get the metis for something different, I like the metis too, so carefree.
  10. I vote for Speedy B 35
  11. Same here!!! LOL!!

    I was like, wait WHAT?? I need that LOL!
  12. Speedy B. I think its more versatile...especially with a 3 year old!
  13. I own both, and love them both too. If you want crossbody, the Métis strap is a little shorter than a Speedy B, however, I've never owned a better shoulder bag than a Métis. It really stays on your shoulder, and is very comfortable! I thought the lack of a zipper would bug me, but it's a tall bag, and the contents nest nice and safely. Good luck with your decision!!
  14. Thank so much everyone for your replies. Your thoughts are really helpful.

    Sorry to cause confusion. After reading some more threads I realise now I need to call it mono not MC :-/

    Although I was leaning towards the métis for something different I'm wondering if speedy may be a little more classic and will be more time enduring if you see what I mean? I've owned a métis before and did love it but rehomed it to buy a Mulberry Willow. I do regret that but wonder if Speedy b might be more useful with a little one too?

    Also, if I buy a Speedy B I could buy a cles or charm and still not be too far off from buying my LV HG -Capucines!

    Thanks and please keep thinking for me?
  15. speedy