MC Marilyn

  1. Hi folks, was thinking of getting the Marilyn... but am torn between the 2 colors :confused1:
    Please give me some opinions, white or black?
    For those who own it, please post pixs.. any pros and cons? Tks a million!
  2. I think the Marilyn looks the sweetest in white!
  3. I agree! I think it looks nicest in the white. And a bonus if the two LV logos beside the buckle is berry and purple...!
  4. Yeah I prefer the white for this one.
  5. I will always choose black MC because it's my fave. :heart:.
  6. hmmm, I have this bag and I post pic before. You can do a search;).

    Well, for me, I prefer this bag in white, coz it suit its style, black is sexy, but not so classic..for this style.. you know what I mean:push:?

    hehe, okey, good thing about this bag is " simply own it:yahoo:" coz it is sooo beautiful!!! but the only issue is (So you can imagine), I never use it..coz it is white, I am so afraid it will get dirty:sweatdrop:.

    And also, it is not so easy to carry as everyday, causal use bag; but if you wear it occasionally, it is a great great great puse!!!:tup:

    Well, my english is not so good, but if you have any question, you can send me a message. GOOD LUCK on the choice:yes:, either color you pick will be sooooo pretty, coz I love the style!
  7. vote for white!!i have ursula in white :smile: i love it !!! but i have eliza in black..hermm i like it, but not so hehehhe
  8. i will say white! it is so sweet and femainine
  9. white is more cute than black one. I also saw the one with pink/ purple alligator skin edges (not sure whether they are limited), they are so pretty!
  10. White - I got mines in the white color and love it.
  11. I absolutely LOVE both White & Black MC.

    However, the Marilyn looks much prettier in White MC in my opinion. :tup:
  12. i thnk the white MC suits the marilyn better, but either way its a gorgeous bag.
  13. I think the Marilyn looks better in white MC.
  14. White, post pics when you get it...
  15. although I prefer black mc in general, I like white better on marilyn