MC Marilyn w/ pink alligator trim at SF Bloomies!

  1. My sweet, sweet SA just gave me a call and informed me that SF Bloomingdales LV received a Marilyn with pink alligator trim :nuts:

    I dont have a pic of but here's the regular Marilyn for an idea.

    I didnt ask for the price since I'm not interested but if any of you are interested, give her a call! Their direct number is 4158565432, ask for Terny and tell her Jenny told you about the Marilyn. She's a sweetheart!

    Hope someone gets it. How pretty would it be with the color combo above?! :tup:
  2. I saw one at the Waikiki Boutique. The trim was fuschia and I think it was made out of snake skin. It was really, really pretty (I have no idea about the price either).

  3. Was shown it Saturday at the Mecca in Paris - price 3000 euros. They also have it in a deep blue trim (gorgeous!) and a purple (okay). The trim is croc. I passed on the bag, but got the pumps with the pink trim!:drool::tup::yahoo:
  4. I saw 3 of them in NYC last weekend! 2 White and one black, they were all pretty amazing but I really prefered the white over the black with the purple, there was too much going on. If I remember correctly the price is around $4500, worth it if you can swing it!
  5. so there's no vachetta, only gator skin where the vachetta is? Any pics?
  6. It is a really cute bag.
  7. I've got a question, pls help! Is the MC marilyn an LE bag?
  8. uh huh, only gator (or snake) skin. if it's still there tomorrow, ill see if i can sneak any pics
  9. The MC Marilyn is not a LE bag, the Marilyn with exotic trim is however. I hope this helps.
  10. Saw this beauty today! Wow, it is absolutely STUNNING. I was never a MC fan but this bag is just gorgeous.

    The print placement is pretty nice too! Green on the top, pink on the bottom left and purple on the bottom right. What a gorgeous bag. Price is $4500
  11. Oh and I was going to sneak a pic for the forum but my phone died! GRR
  12. I saw this bag in black MC with lavendar trim yesterday at the Neiman's counter. There was a lady looking at it but I don't know if she ended up buying it or not.
  13. Wow- sounds like one hot bag! Man that price is killer though!
  14. VF had it in white with Royal Blue trim, it was unique.
  15. would love the bag but not the price tag.