MC Luggage???

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  1. I heard from my friend That in the fall collection there is Supposed to be MC luggage:heart::heart::heart::heart::drool::drool:
    Can Anyone confirm
    If So Any Idea What pieces and prices?
  2. have a look in either the spring/summer thread or the autumn winter thread in the referance library. its been mentioned in there. it will only be a pegase in one size and i think it has to be ordered.
  3. I just phoned louis vuitton uk and spoke to a lovely man! He said that it is said to only be a rumour nothing is confirmed! but he also heard they would be bringing in trial pieces around july!
    Does anyone know anything else from SA's or anything I live in plymouth and would dearly like to travel up to london today just to find out!!
  4. ^ Lol i don't think anything will really be confirmed with the SA's anywere yet but i suppose you could just call London Lv and see what they have to say.
  5. ^ same as what Kaiie said, Im sure they will confirm in a few weeks, I think mc is coming out, i know vernis is xx
  6. i hope they it comes out I would buy for sure.
  7. i would die if they had mc luggage! and be broke too. :sad: but i dont even travel much and its not like i would trust the airport to handle my luggage either! but it would be nice to have one just for me to look at. :P lol
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.