MC line

  1. Is the MC line only meant to be carried in the spring/summer, or can you carry it throughout the year?
  2. Lol, I carry mine all around the year but the cowhide isn't turn patina only, but turn to black color :p
  3. I carry my white mc only in spring and summer. my black mc all year round.
  4. MC can be worn year round IMO.
  5. I wear my white multicolore all year around, although I do live in Florida so we don't have as defined seasons here.
  6. There's only summer and winter here, it's good to know I can carry it in both seasons.
  7. I don't own any MC bags (only accessories) but I would carry year round. :yes:
  8. I carry mine (black and white) all year round, but I live in Arizona so it's always sunny...maybe in dead snowy New York winter I would not carry the white, but the hard and fast rules as far as white are out the window! i have some great Tod's white patent leather driving mocs and I wear them all year! I think white in winter is very fresh looking!
  9. i carry my black mc ursula all yr round
  10. Year round. I correlate more to what colors I'm wearing than to season.
  11. I think the black is more for all year around. Don't get me wrong you use what you want. But I also noticed that in the winter theres no white MC on the shelves. I asked about this and the SA told me that they're too summery so they just don't display them. Which I guess makes good sense.
  12. Oh wow, that is very interesting. I remember when I was in the NYC LV a few weeks ago there were no white multicolore bags on the shelves and I was wondering what happened to them.