MC Le Fab & L'Ingenieux ... ???

  1. They've never actually made those or have they?


  2. i dont think so !
  3. they look like the Eye ____ You line...but i don't have my glasses on!!
  4. Yes, the canvas does have an Eye print on it. I got the photos from the 2003 LV fashion show. I was just curious if they ever mass produced those. The speedy they had in the show was made out of the Eye canvas as well!!!:nuts: :wacko:
  5. hmm...i don't think they did mass produce them. maybe they were just runway only? i might have to do some research on this one...i hope someone else i'm intrigued.
  6. I don't think they've ever been mass produced. But even if they were runway, you'd think there'd be some floating out there.. haven't seen a single one ! :wacko:
  7. Yeah that's weird. Where did you find these photos addict?
  8. I believe those were prototypes. I don't think they were ever produced for sale or released to the public.
  9. yeah they were proto-types - that obviously were not selected to be massed produces . They look wierd LOL
  10. Were they not just made for the run way ? At least that is what i thought.