MC Keepall 45 everyday bag?

  1. So here's my question:

    I saw paris hilton carrying the MC keepall 45 and I like really big bags!
    Also How much does the MC keepall 45 cost?

    Does anyone else carry theirs as an everyday bag? It doesn't have to be the MC it could be any keepall.

    Here's a pic for reference


  2. IMO it's a little too big. I'd rather have a Stephen, that's as big as I'd go and at least it has a strap.
    This one would get way too heavy after awhile.
  3. I would NOT use the MC Keepall 45 as an everyday bag.

    The MC Keepall... I believe it's now at around $2,800 USD?
  4. i have the mc speedy and after an hour im tired of carrying really is heavy and i think with the keepall 45 your arm will give out...but a big bag i just drool over
  5. ya, it's 3010$ in Canada... and I think it will be too big and too expensive as an everyday bag. Well *my* definition of an everyday bag is something that you can bang around without caring much about it........

    Oh ya, I saw twice already this woman at my university with a mono keepall 50 or maybe 55 and it looked ridiculously huge.... I was walking behind her and we were both taking the train home, and I was just thinking how funny she was wobbling around on that very icy day with a ginormous keepall in her hands (no strap)...
  6. I wouldn't use it as an everyday bag. It's HUGE and you would probably get tired of carrying it around all day!
  7. Maybe if you had a ton of crap to carry, but other than that, no. If you like big bags check out the LV saleya gm, or the lockit horizontal.
  8. You would carry this as an everyday bag?
  9. Hi, I have this MC keepall in black and white and love it. its for sure a must have bag in my book. Now I would not consider it and everyday bag, but depending on your occupation you might be able to pull it off as an everyday bag. I truly love this bag and thinks its gorgeous. Paris looks awesome with it.
  10. It's super cute but too big for everyday bag, IMO.

  11. :roflmfao: and agree, MC 45 too big for daily and the gold metal corners will look flashy if you carry MC 45 daily ( but it's ok with MC Speedy :smile: )
  12. I wouldn't use it as an everyday bag...Too heavy and huge.
  13. I think it would be to big.
  14. The keepall is way too big, IMO..............With the flashy colors, the corners, and all the way..............I even think the speedy is too big
  15. I would not use it an everyday bag. It's cute if you have to carry a lot of stuff on occasion though.