MC: Judy MM or Aurelia MM ????

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  1. Hi all,
    Im having a dillemma here. Im currently owning an MC judy MM in black. I love it but found it a bit heavy. Somebody offers me a great deal on Aurelia MM in white. I love it too but dont know what bag should I go for? Sell Judy MM in black to go for Aurelia MM in white or Keep the judy MM in black and miss the Aurelia MM in white??? What do u guys think??
    Thanks in advance. Have a nice day
  2. Get the Aurelia MM. It is the best MC bag ever in my opinion. The Judy is lovely, but that clanking chain is bothersome. I have the white Aurelia MM and love it.
  3. THanks for ur contribution. But does ur Aurelia MM get dirty easily and is it heavy?
  4. Funny thing. I owned the Aurelia MM in white and sold it and then rebought one! That is how much I love this bag. No it does not get dirty. The White MC coated canvas stays clean and bright. Of course I am a gentle user as well.
  5. Oh, and not heavy at all. It truly is the most perfect MC bag LV has ever made.

    Good luck with your decision.
  6. thanks a lot for ur useful info
  7. I prefer the look of judy mm - it's a head turner! However if functionality is more important to you, then perhaps Aurelia mm may work better for you.
  8. i love the judy back so i'm going to have to say keep it, i think it's a beautiful bag.
  9. Judy
  10. aurelia... That is my favorite MC bag
  11. -Judy - I have it in the GM and I love it!
  12. Aurelia gets my vote
  13. beljwl, we are too much alike!
  14. Get the Aurelia!
  15. Definitely the Judy !!