MC in the rain?

  1. Okay, obviously I would not wear any MC bag in the rain..but IF I get caught in the rain with my white MC aurelia or my white speedy, what will happen>? Will it just spot the leather on the bag or something? Or will the colors bleed?:hysteric: I think I am very wise in carrying the dustbag always in case of rain though!!:graucho: opinions?
  2. The MC is fine in the rain. You might want to protect the vachetta handles and trim though. The colors don't run. If they do, take it back. LOL

  3. ITA :yahoo:
  4. I always have a plastic shopping bag in my purse - just in case :yes:
  5. LoL :nuts: That would be scary...
    MC is fine in the rain, just like the regular Canvas. Only the Vachetta could get water spots...
  6. I dont think the colors will bleed. The leather handles will spot though.
  7. Same here, except I keep a big garbage bag folded in a neat square in every pocket of my LV bags, it makes me so much more secure :yes:
  8. I have a Black MC and I've sadly taken it into the rain before.

    The canvas didn't "bleed" at all but the leather handles got water spots on them.

    So just make sure to always carry something to protect the leather of the bag when it is raining ...... just to be safe. ;)
  9. My mom carries her 3 year old MC Alma's in the rain, but the patina is so dark, she is confident too!
  10. oh the MC will be fine in the rain, but not the vachetta if you haven't treated it w/protectant.
  11. The things I learn in these forums...Great idea!!!! I honetly can't believe I didn't think to have a plastic bag in my purse...thanks!!!:idea:
  12. I don't it on rainy days. It stays at home.
  13. put it under your shirt or jacket and run (like i do) haha! but if it gets on the handles, it'll even out over time!
  14. i don't know why i never thought of carrying a plastic bag with me for protection. i always stuck it under my jacket or ran like a chicken without its head lol.

    and also from my experience there is spotting on the handles.

  15. what can u treat the leather with? i thought LV did not recommend anything:s TIA!