MC Heart shaped coin purse OMG

  1. This is HOT HOT HOT, I saw it today. Get on the list for it NOW ! lol :nuts: :heart:
  2. Is it hotter than Vernis one? Can a credit card fit in the purse?
  3. sorry I only saw pictures but people in the UK are allready on waitlists for it, its very nice though but IMO the vernis one is hotter...but I love the MC too
  4. Hi Steve! I wonder if you know how much it is in UK so I can have an idea about Italy :smile:
  5. hmmm, Im not too sure, I didnt see a price. There was alot of writing around it. I will ask my SA next time I see her. I hope thats not too late :flowers:
  6. maybe i need one:graucho:
  7. Don't worry Steve, it was just curiosity - I'm not sure if it will reach italian store and I guess it's already waitedlisted.

    I noticed that italian stores waitlists a lot of stuff, Chanel waitedliste the coco cabas in vynil that I don't think is so in other countries :confused1:
    We have so few LV stores that I guess there are 1,000,000 loyal customers that spends enough! ;)
  8. LOL when I go to the store I will be sure to ask...I just hope its not too late LOL :smile:
  9. Pictures anyone?