MC heart shape coin purse

  1. they are coming out with the heart shaped coin purse in MC out on feb 1st. (along with the vernis)
  2. Ooh I bet they'll both be so cute! How much will the heart shaped coin purses be?
  3. Really?! Oh I bet these would be adorable! :heart:
  4. The Vernis one is $350 so I think the MC will probably be higher, as always :smile:
  5. An mc one is coming out also? Did you see any pictures of it?
  6. interesting. subscribed.
  7. ^^^MC would definitely be highter!
  8. MC heart shape coine purse will be a darling, but for that price, i can get a wallet! Gosh, can i just win the jackpot or lottery for once!? hehe
  9. Very, very interesting...
  10. Cool.
  11. Someone please post picture when available. It should be cute considering, hearts.
  12. I can't wait to see it:graucho:
  13. ^ me either!
  14. ^^ Me too! :p
  15. goshhh i'm dying to see a picture...