MC HEART PURSE...need help!!!!


Should I get it?

  1. Yes!!!!!

  2. No... :-(

  3. Not sure!

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  1. I wanted a heart purse for a long time now and was glad to hear that a local store got one...except, it's an MC one. I have never seen it (or any other ones...Vernis, for example) in real life and not really sure what to expect.

    What do you think of it? What can you fit into it? I believe it's vachetta it going to get dirty after a few uses (I don't have any bags with vachetta on them)? I'll use it as a wristlet when going out, running an errand, etc. So, there will be no dirty change in it. Plus, I try to take a very good care of my bags.

    One thing I am VERY worried about is that the paint will chip off with time. I just don't want to spend that much money on a tiny accessory and have it ruined in a couple of years (I want to keep my bags & accessories for years because I can't afford to buy a lot of them and often since I live on my own now and have to support myself).

    The bottom line...should I get it????

    Thank you! :smile:
  2. See mine in my avatar. It is really pretty. I haven't used it yet, just sitting in its box. I couldn't get a hold of a vernis piece and even the mcs are almost gone. I was glad to get a little piece of this.
  3. Your avatar is SO cute!!!! I am going into the store tomorrow to look at it and make decision ASAP...they didn't even want to hold it for me at all since it's LE!

    I don't have any LE pieces in my collection and I want something cute that will look just adorable for a night out!
  4. Thanks!

    Do you know what you'll use it on? I wanted the vernis because it would've gone with my current pieces. I don't really have anything to go with the MC so I am trying really hard to get my DH to buy me a Denim Baggy. I tried it on the store together and it was really pretty. If you don't have anything LE and want one, this is one of the least expensive ones out there.
  5. I've only looked at it, but it diden't seem to be vachetta inside..
  6. True. Plus, all MC pieces are VERY expensive!!! One thing that worries me about Vernis is color transfer. I have a Lexington in beige and afraid to use it for that reason. So, maybe it's a good thing that the local store didn't get it in...

    I think MC looks very cute with Damier! Denim baggy would look ADORABLE!!!!! :heart:
  7. Yes, I've wanted MC but didn't want to spend the big bucks nor deal with the delicacy of anything bigger. This was a good piece for me. And by the way, it does look pretty good on the Damier. I have pix I'll try to post when I get home.
  8. Oh, I'd LOVE to see some pics!!!!
  9. i think you should get it!!!
  10. Btw, Rileygirl, if you're looking for a key holder in Epi Mandarin (just saw it on your wishlist), my local store had it when I was there last time (a few weeks ago). PM me if you want their info!
  11. Yes! I'll PM you!
  12. I think you should totally get it!! I really just wanted one of the vernis heart purses at first, too, but the MC one is really starting to grow on me! They're really cute!
  13. Here are pix of MC heart on Damier Speedy 25. I didn't photograph it with my mono pieces but I can if you want me to.
    damier and mc heart.jpg damier mc heart 2.jpg
  14. Yes! They're adorable..I say go for it.