MC French Purse vs. MC Zippy Organizer Wallet

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MC French Purse vs. MC Zippy Organizer...I prefer?

  1. MC French Purse

  2. MC Zippy Organizer

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  1. I really like the new MC zippy organizer wallet, however I can no longer go into a store and check one out becuase I've moved and the closest LV to me is 2 hrs. away!!:crybaby: Just wondering what your thoughts were on this new wallet as I would sell my french purse to get the zippy!
  2. I :heart: The mc zippy it's tdf!
  3. Sorry I made a mistake in the name of the wallet it is actually the Zippy wallet not the Zippy Organizer Wallet (as this wallet opens flat and has room for a checkbook). Opps my bad!! Sorry for any confusion!
  4. I love the zippy :smile:
  5. Zippy!
  6. Out of the two, I like the Zippy Organizer much more. The FP doesn't have enough CC slots.
  7. looks better as a french purse
  8. I really like the MC zippy!
  9. Zippy - no need to fold bills!
  10. I just bought the zippy and I love it. Can't go wrong with that one.
  11. MC Zippy Organizer!! SOO PRETTY!
  12. I love MC zippy (black) , MC FP is too expensive (only 4 cc slots)
  13. Zip Zip Zzzziiipppyy:tup: and I think it looks nicer in black
  14. Zippy is fantastic because you have enough room for all your cc and slips etc. It keeps your bag neat and makes it easier when you change bags.