MC Flap bag just in!

  1. I love the way the chain wraps down the side of this bag! Another nice little evening bag that doesn't break any of the rules!:p Perfect for a Rockerchic, don't you think?

    (Now one more evening bag in pewter/silver and then evening bags are added to my ban list!)
    mc flap 001_1.jpg mc flap 002_1.jpg
  2. Oh, I really like that!!!! The chain on the side is cool looking!!!! I like the way the leather looks too, very nice!!:yes:

    And I have been considering a flap bag too................hmmmmmm:love: :love:

    It's fantastic.

  4. Looks great on you. What can you fit in it?
  5. Looks fabulous on you!!
  6. I love the chain on that! What a gorgeous bag!
  7. It's beautiful and it looks great on you! Uggh, why didn't I buy that bag? Heh.
  8. It is 10x6x2.5 and fits small/medium wallet, cell phone, keys, lipstick and a few other small items. some of the gals here use it for everyday but I would only use for dinner or lunch out...when I go shopping or somewhere with the kids, I like to take a humungo tote and stuff eveything I may need into it!
  9. Way cool bag Stacey!!
    You're right perfect bag for a Rockerchic!!
  10. Love that chain. Yes, I agree perfect for you!
  11. I love that bag its beautiful!
  12. That's such a great bag, and the chain looks so edgy on this bag.
  13. I absolutely LOVE this bag!
  14. love the chain. Looks awesome on you.
  15. Congratulations.