MC Ellipse?

  1. Is there such a thing as a MC Ellipse? I saw one in a vintage store, and I wondered if it was real. Of course you never know what you'll get in one of those stores, but I was curious.

    Anyone know? I didn't see one on the LV website, but then again, could it be a discontinued item?

  2. An Ellipse was never made in Monogram Multicolore.
  3. yeah, they never made a mc ellipse
  4. That's what I thought. Thanks for the quick reply!!!
  5. I also saw a distinguished well off older lady carrying one. I was like :s
  6. special order?

    i see that you also now have a shirley in your signature... are you looking to get one? :smile:
  7. Pixie... In all honesty I wouldn't know, I didn't see it up close! :shame: It could very well be, but I've never heard of anyone being able to SO in the MC yet.. Ah, what do I know anyway :lol:

    As for the Shirley, it is actually what first drew me to MC! I really :love: it cause I adore clutch bags as well but it is too much $$$ for such a small bag :push: Being such a cheapskate, I'll probably try to find one on eBay in the future! Heehee :blush:
  8. i am also looking to get a shirley... i think she's gonna be so pretty on dates, dinners, and with an LBD. :smile: but the practicality is throwing me off so i am considering an eliza or a lodge pm... she's such a cute little gem though... kinda like a clutch and an s-lock bracelet in one..:love:
  9. No, no MC SOs allowed
  10. ^ok, i learn something new each day here! heehee!!! thanks!
  11. It would be so cute if they did make it for real though. with the smaller LV's. :love:
  12. no it was never made in mc
  13. grrr. whats the point of SPECIAL orders if theyre not special....
  14. Well the only things in MC that is available to be SO'd are Alzers.
  15. Yeah..and besides, the price of an SO MC piece would be substantially higher..I mean just look at the difference between the MC line bags and the Damier/Mono line bags. There would be quite a price difference even if they DID SO an MC bag.