MC Eliza or MC Shirley???

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Which would you get, an MC Eliza or an MC Shirley?

  1. Eliza

  2. Shirley

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. the eliza is winning so far... im just wondering how come no one here in tof has a black mc eliza...
  2. Shirley looks 'sleeker' and 'classier' imho...but then again i only ever carry a thin wallet, mobile and car keys..
  3. sleeker is indeed the word.... :yes:
  4. Shirley all the way!

    I love this bag

    She is my first MC

    and its also my name so i am biased

    but she's beautiful.

    perfect date purse, going out in the evening, with a strap or w/o looks stunning. I've thought of purchasing the black one also.
  5. I do! Just bought it from another PFer!
  6. i like the eliza
  7. oooh stefania! do you have modelling pics? :smile:
  8. I've alywas loved the Shirley.
  9. NOT!!!! lol... i use her ALLTHETIME... :wlae:
  10. ^^how cute is that pighead!!! haha! :smile: veronika, any modelling pics?
  11. shirley!!!! it's such a cutie!
  12. thanks cecilia!!! but you are so pushing me to get a lodge in the other thread! haha!
  13. modelling pics would be soo great... :borg:
  14. modelling pics would be so nice... :tender:
  15. shirley!! shirley!! I got mine last yr, but I gave it to my mom :smile: