MC Eliza or MC Shirley???

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Which would you get, an MC Eliza or an MC Shirley?

  1. Eliza

  2. Shirley

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I do love my Shirley as it's gorgeous and classy. But after seeing the Eliza, I think it's worth the extra money. It can hold a lot more than Shirley, and it's cute. Even though, the Eliza reminds me of a fortune cookie, I still vote for it.
  2. My vote is for the ELIZA! I just seen it in person yesterday and it is to die for! The shirley is cute but too small and not as practical. Go for the Eliza!
  3. i HATE the design of the eliza, everything about the bag makes me cringe IMHO.

    i LOVE the shirley though!
  4. ^my friend had the same reaction! she said it reminder her of the small bags you could buy at target. she said I might as well get the shirley or a lodge pm....:s
  5. okay now i am leaning more towards the shirley again... oh shoot.. i'm going crazy! just bumping the thread for more votes....:tender: :whistle: :kiss:

    Please don't kill me... :death:
  6. Shirley!
    It seems to fit more.
  7. I love the way Shirley looks, but after trying her on in the store, she was just too little. :sad: However, I'm not really fond of Eliza's styling... so I'm headed towards Sologne... way bigger... but I like the style :sad:
  8. LOL, agreed...
  9. white shirley:yes:
  10. Shirley.....
  11. i need more votes sexy people... :tender:
  12. I chose Eliza, but if you expanded the choices I'd vote for something else. lol, it doesn't get easier, does it?
  13. :jammin: :balloon: :cutesy:
  14. shirley!
  15. Eliza!