MC Eliza or MC Shirley???

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Which would you get, an MC Eliza or an MC Shirley?

  1. Eliza

  2. Shirley

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.

  1. Keys plural? Here's what I can fit in my Shirely. Key-singular. LOL!


  2. my camera is dead so I can't post pics...but yes, keys plural (car key with alarm and house keys). I don't carry make up or mirror and carnet de bal is smaller than port monnaie plat(?) and my pda is a little bigger than a treo.
  3. Yah. If you're only going to carry those three things, keys would fit inside. You don't carry a cell? Just a PDA? Or do you mean a PDA phone?
  4. it's a pda phone, but i don't really use it as a phone, it has one of those screens that you use the stylus to dial numbers, way too much work for me...i have a motokrzr that is super flat, so i just stick that in my pocket
  5. hmmm.. lots of votes for the shirley... :smile: kinda leaning towards it but then when i did a search on here it seems that a lot of mishaps have happened to the shirley's slightly thick band of vachetta in the middle... still kinda undecided as not that many have thoughts about the eliza...
  6. I totally agree, I have the shirley as well, and almost never use is very tiny!
  7. in terms of looks/style, i prefer the shirley, but it seems so tiny and to me, it's not worth the money.

    i think the eliza is more practical and a cute bag too
  8. I ADORE my white Shirley. ADORE it! But, don't know the Eliza, voted for Shirley anyway, will have to look Eliza up... MC is awesome anyway you go!
  9. Just saw Eliza, and aesthetically, I like Shirley better, but Eliza is probably more practical...IMO
  10. hmm anymore voters? :smile: i am really really obsessing about my next lv! :smile: i need the inspiration to save save save!
  11. what wallet is this? can it fit easily? :smile:
  12. I like the eliza.
  13. ELIZA! it holds more! shirley is def. cute, I wont lie but its WORTHLESS lol
  14. thank you to those who have replied here!!! :smile: but i do need more voters as now I am leaning towards the eliza... man... if only LV is a wee bit cheaper... hehehehehe, just kiddin!

    BTW, I am looking to get an MC in black. :smile:
  15. shirley is really cute