MC Eliza or MC Shirley???

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Which would you get, an MC Eliza or an MC Shirley?

  1. Eliza

  2. Shirley

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi gals! I'm thinking about getting a small bag from the MC line to add to my collection as I am slowly getting drawn to black MC. :shame: hehe. Which one among these two would you prefer?

    Here are my thoughts:

    MC Eliza - roomier, newer model and part of the holiday catalog.

    MC Shirley - can double as a clutch and I love clutches as well. It is slightly longer in length but smaller space capacity. has the edgy s-lock design.
  2. I would go with the Shirly. The londer length makes it look more sophicated...
  3. I just got a Shirley so I'm a bit biased :shame: but I love clutches!
  4. shirley
  5. Shirley-gorgeous.
  6. The Shirley is cute but way too tiny unless you plan on carrying a couple of things. Michelle from this board has one and has only used it once because of the size.
    The Eliza is cuter and more worth the price, IMO.
  7. shirley is so gorgeous!! even if doesnt fit much...(its a great bag i swear! :smile: )
  8. i have the white Shirley, and i :heart: it! it's so pretty and feminine, and i love that it doubles as a clutch
  9. I prefer the Eliza!:smile:
  10. The Shirley is cute but not very practical. I couldn't even close the darn thing because of my huge cell phone. ITA with Rebecca-not worth the money.
  11. The pic of the Eliza in the Xmas catalog is gorgeous!! I vote to get it, and then you have to get the pastilles chain to go on it. It is so pretty.
  12. Shirley!
  13. eliza
  14. i have the shirley and i love it! It can fit my pda, carnet de bal, and keys
  15. I like Shirley, so cute in white!