MC E?W or Luxury By Chanel Patent tote?

  1. Which one would you keep? The new modern chain or the new luxury patent tote? I am torn.....
  2. I'd say keep for the luxury patent tote..
  3. I don't like patent :smile:
  4. I'm planing to get both, so it's sooo hard to give you any advice. Keep both :yes:
  5. i would keep both. but i am still waiting for the brooklyn cabas...who knows. i just feel that since day one my mc tote has been on my nerves. now i think the straps are too heavy compared to my cabas.
  6. I prefer the mc tote, but sounds like you are not really happy with the mc. If you don't love the mc then you should definitely return it.
  7. I love luxe tote. Can you tell I am biased. :p