MC discontinued?

  1. I've just read somewhere that there's a rumor that the MC line will be discontinued. Any one heard of anything like this?
  2. we had a thread on this a while back and i think we reached the consensus that eluxury is going to discontinue the MC line on their website but louis vuitton itself is not discontinuing it.....
  3. Thanks!
  4. Glad they aren't discontinuing it :biggrin: I love those bags!
  5. That would be news to me. V
  6. They are still in the current catalogue.
  7. I wonder why Eluxury is going to stop carrying them... they seem like such high sellers.
  8. That would be horrble it is one of the nice peices
  9. At least they're not discontinuing the entire line. Phew...
  10. I asked my SA and she had no idea. It's good that they aren't b/c I want a MC white speedy 30.
  11. This has been answered about 5 times. Elux for some reason is going to quit carrying them, they will still be in production and for sale at boutiques.