MC Desk Planner...HELP!

  1. So i was thinking and i realized that the MC Desk Planner would be pretty cool for me to have because in my mind i can use it to store my syalabi and important paper work and lug it to school everyday....

    so i mozy over to eluxury where i KNOW ive seen it before, and its GONE!! i dont remember the dimensions, what it looks like OR the price!!

    HELP HELP HELP!! :crybaby:

  2. no one knows?!?! awwww man :'(
  3. I know exactly which one you are talking about but I don't know what it was called or how much it was.

    All I know is that it starts with a V .... and thats it.

    I have seen a tPF member on here that has a White MC one in their avatar.

    Sorry, I wasn't much help. :shame:
  4. Okay, I did a little search on tPF and this is what I found:

    Is this the MC Desk Planner you are talking about?


    If so, it is called the Vendredi Agenda.

    I am still not sure how much it is ..... but if it helps some tPF members talk about it in the following thread:

    -----> Gift Idea <-----
  5. I feel like it was $630...?
  6. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! ok i so am getting it!!

    THANKS! u guys made my day!!
  7. yeah it was around the 600 mark... i just hope they arnt sold out!
  8. I thought that one was discontinued already
  9. Hopefully you can call 866 to see if they can locate one for you! :nuts:
  10. thanks guys!!! im callin the shops in vegas and so far almost all of them have it! im thinking ill just wait until i get there! :smile:

  11. I love it, just don't really have a use for it. i have seen this pop up on eBay, every now and then.
  12. so all of the stores i talked to say the same thing.....all of the ones they have have a slight patina!! WHAT DO I DO!!!