MC Dalmatien or Trianon Sac Express?

  1. For $1200, would you buy gently used MC Dalmatien or Trianon Sac Express? Please help me decide! Pix are of brand new bags, for reference only. Thanks. BTW, does anyone know if the Trianon Sac Express can be used as a shoulder bag or is it a handheld only?


  2. I like both, but if it came down to it I would choose Trianon Sac Express. I think it looks like it goes on the shoulder too:yes:
  3. Trianon Sac Express!!!
  4. MC Dalmatien !!!!!! :heart: :heart:
  5. choose the MC Dalmatien. it has better resell value
  6. the Sac Rabat Dalmatien is also a shoulder bag; i prefer that to the Trianon
  7. I would pick the MC Dalmatien :love:
  8. Trianon, I dont like the dalmatien on the bag :sad:
  9. I love the Trianon Sac Express! It's such a fun and classy bag... :heart:
  10. Trianon Sac Express :yes:
  11. Trianon Sac Express
    That dalmation bag has NO appeal to me.
  12. Trianon! I like the fact that it doesn't SCREAM LV. KWIM?
  13. another vote for the Sac Express! .... and i have seen it being worn on the shoulder too :yes: the Dalmatiens are one of the worst bags they've ever done imo :yucky:
  14. That's SUCH a hard decision... but I would choose the Trianon Sac Express. :drool:
  15. i would the MC Dalmatien. only place to find is eBay, just to nurvous to acutally buy one from there.