MC Cozy Purse

  1. just wondering if this style has been discontinued. i've checked my local store and they don't have it. i checked the LV website and couldn't find it anymore, but elux though has it. any idea? thanks :smile:
  2. I really hope not b/c i want it!
  3. I don't think so.... it was still in stores the last time I went.

    I had a hard time deciding between the Cozy and Ludlow! In my mind now I've sort of decided on the Ludlow because it can hold slightly more...
  4. same here actually.. i'm torn between the ludlow and the cozy purse. i've seen the ludlow IRL but got interested with the MC purse when i saw it in elux. guess i need to check it out in another store.. hopefully they have it.
  5. ^LOL same boat! What really attracts me to the Cozy is its oversized gold button on its super small frame which is so cute!!! But well... I had wanted something different from the usual mono stuff I collect so the Cozy was a perfect choice - it's small, so I don't have to invest a huge amount of money to get something MC, and it doesn't have any vachetta so no yellowing will happen (on the White MC Cozy). BUT... I thought I ought to add on to my mono collection by getting the Ludlow................... and I also needed something that will fit into my Pochette should I decide to wear my Pochette on some days. Oh well... it was a tough battle.
  6. ^^ hahaha exactly the same reasons that attracted me to it: the cute big button and the fairly cheap price for an MC!

    keeping my fingers-crossed that it's available in the other LV store. planning to drop by in an hour or so. getting excited.. hehe:biggrin:
  7. its very cute. if anyone has it, could you please post pics? i'd love to see the inside :smile: thanks!
  8. I'd love to see pics too :smile:
  9. thanks. still interested to see more pics of the inside and back hehe!
  10. Shopoholic Isis and I had a previous thread about the cozy purse and I think someone posted pics for us. Isis do you remember who it was?
  11. i just got one! it's soooooooooo adorable and i love it. there's a thread regarding this already, do a search! but i will post pics later when i get home (:
  12. here are pics as promised! this little guy holds alot despite its small size! i had 7 cards in there, and if you pack it nicely, i'm sure it can fit another 7! (ya just have to slot it neatly into the other "groove"). holds a ton of change as well! have also taken pics of it as compared to a cles, to let ya guys have a better idea of its size. hope this helps!
    IMG_5675.JPG IMG_5676.JPG IMG_5677.JPG IMG_5678.JPG IMG_5679.JPG
  13. wow thanks milodrinker! it's so cute! but is it useful? pros and cons on this vs. the ludlow...
  14. wow..I like the mc cozy purse..LOL

    i had the ludlow, but it didn't do much for me, I'd rather have a cles.
    this would probably be a good wallet if you wanted a small wallet for your small purses too....

    it reminds me of the vernis flat pouch.