MC Cozy = bagcharm?

  1. These two look like they belong together don't they?
    Well, I was wanting to decorate the new speedy but then the Pomme cles did not seem to match. So then I thought hmmm...what if i do this...:confused1:...:nuts:
    hehe! I think it kinda works, what do you think?
  2. Love the got it so fast...I mean SUPER FAST!!!! Congrats!!!
  3. OMG, you got your speedy in days! Congrats! The cozy looks cute with your new speedy.

    Do you live near HK?
  4. Goodness, I am from San Francisco! LOL. I have no clue how I got it so soon! Hong Kong Post shipping is great!
    So do you think the bag charm idea works with the Cozy?
  5. The cozy has a clip?! It looks BEAUTIFUL! But My gut tells me the MC Cles might looks PHENOMENAL!
  6. hehe, no it doesn't have a clip. i stuck a keychain inside it! ;)
  7. OOH! How'd u do that?! Will it damage the Cozy?! I think I want one! MMMM! SO PRETTY!
  8. They look GREAT together!!! I LOVE the pics that your cam takes.
  9. well, i think i will go check out some stores tomorrow like Target, and find a flat, narrow keychain so it won't stretch out the Cozy too much...

    and thank you, John :smile:
  10. definitely works together. you are so ingenious to put a keychain in the cozy!
  11. thanks guys. i had the pomme cles on it and just did not like that combo. then i stared at the cozy, then at the cles, and then...:idea:
  12. ichelle, you take amazing pictures!! the cozy is such an adorable mc piece
  13. thank you caley. as i said in the other threads, i am not a fan of MC items but don't mind them in small doses. this is my first MC piece and i'm so glad i chose it! it's adorable! plus the color combo really works with lilac :smile:
  14. ok i lowered the drop with another keychain on the keychain:
    man i feel like macgyver!
  15. Colors look great. Make sure the cozy doesn't get snagged against something and get yanked off!

    Speedy is beautiful by the way!