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  1. I thought all bags of same kind were excactly the same but I noticed the colours of my Priscilla are in a different sequence then at the picture from e-luxury. I bought my bag in LV-store Antwerpen (Belgium). Maybe every factory has his own pattern. Does anyone know?
  2. this has been discussed a number of time it depends where the canvas is cut for the material to make your bag there are a number of different colour combinations
  3. ^ agree with Label Addict :smile:

    The canvas is the same, it just depends on what shape and how the canvas is all in all, the canvas is the same :smile:
  4. This explains a lot!! I knew they were all different but I didn't really get WHY. I want to order an MC Cozy from ELUX but I'm scared I am going to end up with a bad color combo :sad: I used the "live chat" feature to ask them if they can somehow tell me if the colors are more pink/purple or more blue/green BUT they said they can't let me I'll have to wait till I have time to stop into the LV store!
  5. Thanks:smile:
  6. Well apparantly she didn't know.

    Just like everyone said, it depends on where it's cut on the canvas. CONGRATS on your bag!
  7. Congrats on your bag!!
  8. I show you some pics asap.
  9. i dont think label addict was being rude. there is a reminder at the top of the forum to do a search before you ask a question and when a question is asked over and over again it gets a bit tiring.
  10. Please do a search, this topic has been talked about many times. You might want to refer to the reference section,.
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