MC Cles or Azur mini pochette?


Hermes Only
Jan 18, 2006
I need something to put my ID and 1-2 CC. I orginally thought a cles would be perfect, but when I went to buy it the SA talked me into the azur mini pochette. I'm now debating if I should have bought the cles. I want to buy the item that would be most practical. The mini is to small for me to use as a clutch, and I can not think of any other use. I was thinking that I could use the mc cles as a buiness card holder but I'm sure if this would work? what do you all think mc cles or azur mini pochette


Sep 26, 2006
I think they are both lovely items. I have the mini pochette in monogram and regular Damier. I use them as wristlets, but they can hold some makeup in your bag, business cards, credit cards, money, change. And, you can attach it to the d ring in your bag for easy access.
The MC cles is adorable, but can not fit as much. You can definitely put your business cards and some credit cards in it though.
I think you made a good choice, but get what you think is best! Good luck!:flowers:


May 7, 2006
I would go for the azur mini pochette over the cles. Primarily for two reasons: 1) Price...the cles is so expensive for what it is
2) The mini pochette can be used for other things later on down the has a more practical use IMHO.


Jun 8, 2006
Great White North
ITA with twiggers! The azur mini pochette is more practical just cuz it's bigger... I can see business cards being tough to get out of the cles and no one wants to wait for your business card while you struggle to get it out of a cles..

If it was another cles that was less stiff.. then maybe you could argue that it is also practical and smaller as you can fit many more business cards than the MC cles and you could take one out easily.

I know it's hard though when the MC line is so cute!


Certified LV Addict
Oct 30, 2006
Houston, TX
the Azur mini pochette is the better choice because it's more practical. but if you want something that will hold your ATM/credit cards/license/business cards, get the regular cles.

the MC cles is not worth it in my opinion because for one, it's too expensive and won't hold much compared to the regular cles (mono, azur, damier) :yes:

i have the mini pochette in mono (and now thinking of getting the azur mini pochette) and I use it for my cellphone and cles. i also use it as a make-up bag or as an accessories pouch, or an evening bag.


Sep 27, 2006
yes get mini pochette. I just bought an azur cles but I think I'm going to exchange it and pay the little more to get the mini pochette.


Luvin my new horsie
May 26, 2006
Home on the Range
Azure mini pochette, just got it, and it's a PERFECKT little evening bag, in addition to many other things.... ADORE the azure, but now also want the mono (of course)... Azure mini is a YES!