MC/cerises: till what age?

  1. So I've been looking at some MC pieces first I couldn't stand them, but I'm liking them more and more! However, I'm worried that it's not something I could carry for a long I'd look silly after a while, because I think it's very young (and even a bit kiddish) looking. What do you guys think?

    (Also, what about cerises? Same story?)
  2. i don't know how old you are, but my mom will be 50 in a couple of weeks and she still uses her Multicolore pieces. i think it adds that youthful touch to any outfit, and it's not age-oriented

    as for the Cerises, i think smaller items like accessories would be better for older women.
  3. I think you can carry Multi or Cerises at any age. If it makes you smile, go for it!
  4. I have a cerises speedy and I still carry it. I am 36.
  5. Oh- I'd rock Cerises or MC until the handles fell off!
  6. I feel any age. I know I will be wearing my as long as they last.
  7. So long as you enjoy carrying the bag :biggrin:
  8. If it fits your syle, I don't think that age matters.
  9. I would carry the bag whatever your age. :tup:
  10. Oops...double post!
  11. Exactly!!
  12. I think til my arm gets so weak and frail and couldn't carry more than 1 pound of weight.

    I used to not like the MC items but tPF has totally changed me. LOL

    Try getting the MC accessories and see how you feel. I personally have a few MC pieces (just accessories though) and I love them.
  13. You're never too old to carry LV, of any kind. :smile:
  14. Exactly :smile:
  15. Honestly I would love to say "Well, wear whatever you like and who cares!" and it is true, but I do agree with yeuxhonnetes that MC I could see at any age but honestly if I see a woman of a certain age with a cerises bag it doesnt matter but I would still find it a little strange, but do whatever floats your boat, this is just my opinion!