MC Carnet de Bal?? Love it or Hate it??

  1. i have wanted this for a while to hold cash and cards but.....idk how do you guys feel about it?? do you think its cute or a waste of money??? opinions (and or pics) pleeeeaaaaase
  2. I loooove the mini MC print, so I think its really cute. However, for the price I think I would rather buy a cles to hold business cards, credit cards, etc.
  3. I think it's very cute but it's too tiny..I agree with Coutirerrl..I would rather getting cles..
  4. I love my Carnet de can't relly put a ton of stuff in it though...few credit cards and some cash...very little though
  5. I love it, I was a step away from buying it and always consider it. I enjoy reading historical books and that it was based on the style of dance cards, sounds just so cute to me!
  6. I like it.
  7. It's mom has one also and she loves it! I love the tiny MC print on it.
  8. Its cute and you can use it to hold extra cards, if you dont have change with you, you'll be ok using it for your money.

    Personally i'd spend the money on a cles.
  9. I love it! :biggrin: MC rocks!
  10. I think its adorable!
  11. Oh! Surprised to see this thread! I decided just today to get one and a black MC one will be on it's way to me next week!

    The more I stared at it, the more I started loving it. I can't wait!
  12. Yeah... cute on eLux's stock pic, but SUPER small IRL.
  13. I love mine, I put one of those plastic sleeves in it and use it has a cc holder.
  14. I love mine !! When you don't use it as an address book, you can take it out and use it to put your business cards in. Quite useful.
  15. Great idea twinkle! I love mine too! I have the white mc:heart: