MC bucket?

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  1. Okay, the thing is, about two or three years ago (I can't remember exactly), before I was a huge LV fan or able to tell real from fakes (not that I'm an expert now either), I saw a MC bucket bag. I just remember that I noticed that it was a bucket (bucket bags are relatively common around here, so I recognised that style even tough I didn't know what it was called) and an MC. But after reading around on the forum and trying some searching and googling I can't find any indications that it was ever made, so was it a fake that I saw or is it just some bag that never made it "big" and was discontinued? I'm just really curious about this, so does anybody know?
  2. The MC bucket was never made 2 or 3 years ago. It is a FAKE.

    However, there is a MC bucket runway bag which was recently released. It does not look like a regular bucket b/c it has charms tied to the edges of fringe tassle and I doubt that is the one you saw...b/c it is very recent.
  3. The MC bucket was never made but it could have been special ordered. Also, LV never discounts any bags so that would never be the case.
  4. hm okay, thanks! I was so curious, so I have for some reason tought about it for the past few days. I can be so obsessed with little things some times:P
  5. Actually, I've heard that the they don't do special orders in the MC line :sad:
  6. They did before, they no longer will, now.
  7. I was never aware they did it in the first place. I missed out! :Push: Anyone in here lucky enough to have special ordered something in MC?
  8. I inquired about special ordering something in the MC. My SA said they won't custom make anything in that line. That was last year.

    I'm confused. I know that MC was just introduced not too long ago in 2003. When did they custom make items in MC, before it became a part of the permanent line or after?
  9. They custom made for the VIPs when it was released. A few MPRS's had a few pieces long ago. I haven't seen any since.