MC bucket??

  1. do they ever made one?:confused1:
  2. the frange? that was like....3500$Cad i think
  3. Yeah only a franges bucket. Otherwise there is the MC noe.
  4. :yes: :yes:
  5. Besides the Frange, no (and an SO is not possible)
  6. no ladies, its not the franges :smile:.. I meant a simple bucket mc..okay i have this friend who told me she has 1..ughhh. ive been fooled lolz.. it was years ago...
  7. only the franges one, but ewww... i saw someone carrying a fake MC bucket... it looked like it only have like 4 or 5 colors! ewww!
  8. actually other friend even saw her toting it.. :sad: I knew it was fake ughhh i almost believed her.. lolz
  9. lolz.... :roflmfao:
  10. I would love it if LV really did make MC Petit Buckets without the Franges... although those were hot too. :drool:
  11. :love: that would be nice...
  12. Lol.
  13. lol this remind's me when I saw a ladie with a MC alma with onion heads all over it:lol:
  14. Lol, I've seen those and Speedies with the onionheads :lol: