MC black or white???

  1. In my near future maybe there'll be some MC piece..i still don't have it!
    But i realize that i don't know which color i love better!:confused1:
    i really love black MC because of the dark background contrasting with fluo letters and flowers..but i also like the white because is so classic and yummy!
    Why i can't decide?? what is much better in your opinion?

  2. i love white.. so cute
    easy care is black
  3. I prefer the white by far! for some reason I don't like the black one although I think it matches clothes more than the white one does but I just love the white MC it's trendy and classy in the same time! In my opinion anyways:nuts:
  4. i like white
  5. I prefer the white MC a lot more
  6. I love white but need extra carefully to carry it. My white MC speedy got a little black-grey on the white base... It's dirt & can't remove
  7. Black MC for me :heart: :heart:
  8. White is a lot cuter.
  9. black is more chic for me, the white is sweet and dainty...
  10. I think it depends on what bag, for example I love the Speedy in black, but the wapity, Shirley I prefer white!
  11. I have both, and I like the white better, but the black one gets more use
  12. I have the white Alma, definitely prefer white to black! I generally don't like the patina colour against the black MC. However, one black MC bag I would consider is the pochette.
  13. i think the white looks better when the vachetta gets darker
  14. I love the white! Looks so pretty and classy!
  15. I think it depends on the bag.
    I love the noe in white MC, but the Audra is awesome in black MC.