MC-Black or White?

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  1. Which one do you prefer, black or white MC? Why?
  2. White. Dont know why I like it more I just do, its adorable.
  3. i only like the white; it's so feminine and pretty :love:. the black looks too flurescent and a bit tacky.

  4. White MC freak right here:



  5. I personally like MC Black. For me, because I like how the colors 'pop' out on the Black. For me, the white is beautiful, and If I could get an Alma or Speedy, I wouldn't care if it was MC White, But would be partial to the MC Black. As I like how the 'pink' looks on the Black MC. And for me, white is a stain magnet. You can count on me to get anything on white clothes lol. :shame:
  6. I like the white, but when I'm starting to be able to buy MC, I'll focus on black first because it is the most practical for me since there's a hard climate here for most of the year, and white doesn't go good with dark winter clothes and dirty snow..
  7. I prefer the white too. I'm not exactly sure why. I don't mind the black in smaller pieces but I'm not a fan of it on larger items. Black is probably more practical though especially if you live somewhere that gets snow.
  8. i really love the white because it is softer and goes with more clothing wise but i LOVE the black MC for the PTI wallet.. the colors just pop so much more.. espically the bright pink looks gorgeous in black MC
  9. I love both, but I just like black better :smile:
  10. I prefer the black--I like how the colors pop out. Jessica Simpson simpering all over her white MC speedy pretty much ruined the color for me; she made the bag seem tacky somehow, even though it really isn't.
  11. White!
  12. I prefer white!
  13. OMG, yur a serious MC freak, :heart: your collection.:yes:

    Definitely :heart: the white a whole lot better, just look at this collection:girlsigh:
  14. Love:heart: your collection MC Freak!:P
  15. Sometimes I think I like white more and other times I think I like black just depends on the mood I'm in at the time. I have an equal amount of each color in my collection lol.
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