MC - black or white?

  1. I love the black multicolor but it doesn't seem as popular as the white. What do you guys think? It's been my observation when I go out and as well as my hunt on eBay. I would love to get the Audra & matching wallet.

    One seller had wonderful pieces in like new condition but in WHITE sold CHEAP on eBay yesterday, I hope I won't regret passing up on them.
  2. I personally love the black better. I think white is seasonal, but that's just my opinion.
  3. I guess I also forgot to mention that I live Quebec, Canada and with summer being so short, white wouldn't be as useful either. I find the black just stands out so much more.

    I guess I just want to convince myself not to feel so bad on giving up on such a good deal on the white set.
  4. I personally like the white better but if you like the black then go for it!! I love the MC line
  5. for me it depends on the bag. i think the speedy looks better in white, whereas the trouville looks better in black.

    i like the audra in black mc more.
  6. i really think it depends on the bag.. i use to love just white mc, but now that I have my own Black Speedy, I adore both colors.
  7. I have had several pieces of the black and white and I just like black's seasonless and the colors just pop out on it...white is beautiful but I will only carry it during the spring/summer months...even where I live during the fall/winter months white just seems out of season...and since you live in Canada then I will definitely go for the won't regret it!
  8. I love the black MC..I have both black & white mc items (speedy in black and small items in white) but I've always preferred black
  9. I have a preference towards black. IMO, the different colors "pop" more so on the black, than the white. In addition, you won't have to worry about discolorations of the canvas.
  10. i love the white.
    Its refreshing, looks stunning and goes with everything.
  11. i love both but if I had to decide I would go with white.
  12. I love the black MC. After looking at both of them side by side, I feel like the color stands out more on the black than the white. Also, I felt like the white was more seasonal than the black.
  13. As some depends on the items. I think Petite Noe, wallets and any other small accessories looks good in black MC because the vibrant colors stands out more. As for MC speedy, Trouville, white MC looks the best.
  14. I love white better now. Well, black seems more formal while white is more casual, seasonal.
  15. I prefer white and all my mc are white. But i wouldn't mind getting a black one depending on the type of bag . :biggrin: