MC black accessories...what to get?

  1. i am ready for a new wallet, and in desperate need of a makeup bag. okay not really, but as of now, i've never used a makeup bag IN my purse that i carry day-to-day and i'm realizing i really need one now that i travel for work.

    i'm set on mc black accessories (fun, durable and go with my bright bal bags), but what should i get?

    the options for wallets are...
    -pochette porte monnaie nm
    -porte tresor international

    options for makeup bag (i do not carry much makeup...keihl's lip balm, kevyn aucoin concealer, and any generic mascara do it for me)...
    -wapity case
    -pochette gm
    -pochette mm

    if anyone has the gm or mm, can you post pics/mention what you pack in them?

    right now i carry a mj zip clutch in mouse as my wallet, but i find it's a bit large and i tend to overstuff it with receipts, business cards, etc.


  2. I don't have them but I've seen the MC pochette MM & GM. MM is a nice size IMO GM is pretty big if you want it for inside your bags it'll def hold a lot for you
  3. For a wallet i would go with the porte tresor international and for the make-up case i would go with the pochette gm.
  4. I say Porte Tressor and Wapity.
  5. 1) Pochette porte-monnaie and

    2) wapity if you carry little make-up or pochette GM if you have a lot
  6. I love the Wapity, that's something I'd eventually like to get too.
    As for the wallet, get the Porte Tresor, I do have that one and love it. It's so pretty.
  7. wallet get the PTI I have it and love it. also the wapity would be so cute.
  8. I vote for PTI and MC pochette MM, I don't have either one, but I recently bought a wallet so I was investigating all the options!
  9. The wapity is so cute but will it fit your mascara?
  10. pti for the wallet. wapity for makeup! i love my wapity. i use it as a camera case.
  11. I vote.......WAPITY, i'm going to get that but in white.
  12. Pochette porte-monnaie! :tup: I have it in black and just adore it! :heart:
  13. Porte Tressor and Wapity :heart:
  14. That's what I was wondering. Check the dimensions.
  15. i think i'm doing this guy. i'm not near a LV right now, but i'm having elux ship it to my home in the states. i had a regular monogram wallet, which i left in a cab in ny (shoot me, i know), and i thought it was the pti, but now i don't think it was. the inside didn't have that big flap, it just had a zip.

    after that i snagged my mj zip clutch on sale, so i just bought it on the spot because i was in the middle of traveling and needed a wallet. i do like it, but the flap opening of the lv was far more functional. :yes:

    i like the wapity case because i can run around with it alone if i need to...if anyone has a wapity case, what all fits inside of it?

    i may do the wallet, the wapity case AND one of the pochettes.