MC Beverly out yet?

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  1. hi all, i was just wondering when the MC beverly will be released or is it out already and if anybody knows how much the price is. I am so excited as i want to get the black mc. thanks
  2. I wanted to know too!!
  3. Release date is supposed to be April 1st.....can't remember price, though...
  4. noe noelie posted a pic of the MC Beverly in the SS08 Summary pics thread.
  5. karman - long time no see! how are you??

    The prices from S/S pics thread. (#95)

    MC Beverly in Blanc and Noir:
    MM $1640 USD, 14.6" x 7.9" x 5.3" --- has a flat strap with chain
    GM $1870 USD, 16.9" x 9.8" x 7.3" --- has long rounded handles

    MC MARILYN OR (comes in Blanc and Noir) -ONE SHOT $1500 USD


  6. ^^ the MC Beverley MM looks slimmer.. Looking very good..:smile: got clearer pictures?
  7. so excited to see some stock or clear/up-close IRL pics!
  8. WOW can't wait to see up close real pics!
  9. They are so HOT:tup:
    I LOVE them:yahoo:
  10. I talked to my SA just last(?) week. She said Apr. 1 in larger markets & May 1 where I live. She showed me the latest lookbook info & it said GM is $2000. Didn't see price for MM.
  11. ^^ erh where you live sugarcookie..Singapore?
  12. Sunny (mostly, Lol) California
  13. the bag is HOT! the handles are verrrrrrry long though. Theyare not the same as the regular mono gm one! not sure if im upset or not haha
  14. so i guess it can be a comfortable shoulder bag?
  15. A better pic from the Murakami exhibit: