MC Bandeau

  1. They are on Elux if somebody was looking for them (thought I read somewhere).....
  2. aaand AZUR Speedy 25 and 30s!
  3. did they go up in price? i thought it use to be $110!
  4. hmmmm.......IDK? 120 is waaay better than 199 on eBay though.......... but they only have blanc!!
  5. speedy's are gone.
  6. the bandeaus have been $120 for awhile, I have been looking and debating on them for weeks (a couple of months) now and they have been that price as long as I became interested in getting one
  7. yep- and I haven't seen them there for a while now.
  8. oh wow. i thought they were 110$ too.