MC Bandeau discontinued?

  1. IS the MC bandeau discontinued? I can't find it anywhere - but it doesn't seem like an item that would be discontinued.
  2. I think that it was but I am not 100% sure
  3. Just called Vuitton - it's not discontinued =)
    Since it's never on Elux I thought it was - but I guess they get a very limited selection on Elux. You learn somthing new every day =)
  4. I don't think it was, I just think it's really hard to find. I know a LOT of the bandeaus are hard to find..I had trouble getting the ONE Perfo one I have back when the Perfo had come out. I asked my store to call me when they got the orange and green ones but I never got a call. Then with the Groom, I was able to get the red one, but had to have my store order a yellow one for me. And now I'm waiting for the LVOE one but I really don't think I'll end up with that one because they're harder to get.
    I ended up getting the white and black MC ones off of elux in October though.
  5. Hey Rebecca- are the groom still available anywhere? I want a red one for my red Epi Passy bag. Yum yum!

    Better question- what was the original retail of the groom one? I don't wanna get ripped a new one on eBay! lol
  6. I think all bandeaus are $120
  7. I hope not! I want one
  8. don't think so. the boca raton florida Saks lv installation has quite a few.
  9. My store has had the red one for quite's the Fashion Valley one if you want to call them..or you can call 866 Vuitton and possibly find one at a store closer to you.
    I believe the retail was $110 since these ones are cotton.