MC AUDRA thoughts..

  1. do you guys love it? what do you guys think about this bag?i notice that its not much talked about here in PF.(not as popular as the MC speedys, almas,trouvilles,pochettes)and Not many PFers own it.Do you think this bag lacks appeal or something?
  2. It's a beautiful bag:love: . But what stops me from buying it, is the open top,size and price. Also the clinging noise from the chain bugs me:sweatdrop:
  3. I personally don´t like the design at all.
  4. Somehow it's really not my style and the size is not practical for me either :sad:

    I checked it out at LV but simply couldn't fall in love :s
  5. I like it but it's really small IRL
  6. I love it but the price is too steep. :smile:
  7. wasn't there another thread about this bag? recently, that is.

    I think the bag is adorable... especially the white mc. Howevever, it's too small (especially for the price!), and I prefer shoulder bags in general.
  8. i've never seen it irl, but i think it's one of the prettiest mc bags. i'm not an mc fan, but i think this one is lovely!
  9. i think it's a great bag but just not for everyday use because in fact, it isnt so practical IMO
  10. I love the Audra! It's on my want list! : )
  11. I think it's pretty, but it doesn't look very versatile.
  12. Hey there I posted a thread on this bag yesterday!!!! Just look through the recent threads and there is even a pic. The bag seems a tad small in the pic and that turns me off...good luck!
  13. I think it's very pretty but it's very small, too so it's not a bag for me.
  14. Don't give up on the Audra!! I LOVE mine and it fits everything I carry in all of my bags.
    DSC01456.jpg DSC01458.jpg DSC01459.jpg DSC01457.jpg
  15. It is an open top which some ppl don't care for but since it is an arm bag I have never had an issue with it.

    I still have room for my keys and cell phone which I forgot to add to the pic