MC Alma

  1. Hi Everyone:

    I am new to the forum and just loving it. For those who have the MC Alma, how do you like it? I can't decide between the white MC Alma or MC Speedy.

  2. I have it and the speedy....I have fallen out of love with my alma but I dont think it will get a good price on ebay because of water marks.....but I like the alma shape and it holds alot...I like the alma better then the speeedy!
  3. I l ove love the speedy MC, i think thats the only MC and speedy for that matter that I like....
  4. I like MC speedy better :love:
  5. is the alma or the speedy for everyday use? they both look so formal. i haven't seen them IRL yet.
  6. I have the black Alma and I :heart: it.
    It doesn't sag as the Speedy and I think the Alma is not as heavy.
  7. I use my Alma for casual outfits (I am always casual :amuse:) and it looks great IMO. But you can dress it up, too.
  8. thanks GerGirl.

    oh no, now i have to decide on black or white. hehe
  9. Black & white side by side :love:
    Both colours are great, personally I love the Alma in black, but the Speedy in white.
    alma u lodge.jpg
  10. The Alma isn't as heavy and with the clam shape you get easier access and you can also carry it half open and put more things in it! I have black for winter, white for summer. It's that good!!! But If I could have only one, white would be it, more fun for day.
  11. I have both and if I had to choose between the two I would go with Alma (shhh, don't tell this to my speedy:lol:).
  12. the funny thing is that my husband picked the MC alma when we were looking at elux. together. it will be a gift for me for my birthday coming next week. i never really look at the alma. i like all the other styles of lv though. hehe. i really want to go pick it up now.
  13. Same dilemma here. :hrmm:

    I've got both Alma and Speedy 30 in Mono, but have the urge to buy a handheld MC bag which is about the same size as those 2.

    MC Speedy looks too saggy for me, and MC Alma doesn't have those cute metallic corners in the bottom. :hrmm:

    This is why I started to consider MC Trouville as an alternative, because it kinda is like a mix of Alma and Speedy and I like the shape. I still have to check it out in the store, because some ppl told me the handles are too low and small, and the bag itself would be too small or narrow as well.
  14. yeah, i was thinking about trouville too. but someone in the PF mentioned it's small and she sold it. sigh...
  15. Have both love both. I'd like to even get a used Mono alma, I like the idea of a few used bags because i dont worry about the weather while carrying them.