MC Alma vs. MC Trouville

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  1. Which is a better bag and more easy to carry?
  2. I LOVE my MC Alma because it fits a ton!!! I find it very easy to carry too.:yes:
  3. i prefer the Trouville. i have the white one. somehow i just can't like the Alma; something about the shape bugs me, and it looks bulky.
    trouville 001.jpg trouville 002.jpg trouville 003.jpg
  4. Trouville. I like the shape better.
  5. ALMA! I love mines. The trouville is just too small, IMO.
  6. I have BOTH. The Alma is better!
  7. When I bought my trouville I picked it over the alma. I didn't like how wide the alma was and also that the zipper sometimes gets wrinkly on the alma. The trouville zipper doesn't do that and also, it was different looking and I love the strip of leather with the studs that go across the front of the trouville.
  8. I by far prefer the sandra, i just can't like the alma. :supacool:
  9. I prefer the trouville, the shape just seems more appealing.
  10. Alma! Carries nice on the arm and you have much easier access!
  11. both trouville and alma are very nice , but i like my alma more than trouville because i can put a lot of things in alma~

  12. ^^^That's what I was wondering. I was wondering which would be more comfy to carry on the arm. The handles on the trouville look just a bit smaller than the Alma.

    What scares me about the Alma is the vachetta on the bottom. But I DO think I like it better.

    Thanks ladies :graucho: :flowers:
  13. Alma as its bigger(holds a ton), handles are bigger so you have more arm room.
  14. Alma...I love that it has zippers on both sides and they go all the way down.
  15. Anyone have problems with stains on thier Alma vachetta bottom or does it really depend on how careful you are?

    I am always super careful with my bags but with the Alma I would be a nervous wreck abut sitting it down anywhere. LOL :P