MC ALMA up in Stitches

  1. Hi Ladies.. Ive been lookin at ALMAs on ebay. And ran across this question. Stitching on ALMA's and what is real or not. Can you check to see if yours has the extra stitching or not? Did LV change the way they sew up their bags?
    Is this fake?

    And if you look at the one from Elux it has the stitching. Please let me know what yours looks like.
    LVBabydoll.. if you are out there.. help me out :yes: Thanks!
    fake.JPG ebay.JPG elux stitch.jpg
  2. Mine hasn't. It looks like the stitching from eLux.
    It was made in 2003, if that helps.
  3. mine looks like above, and i believe the date code is 03 as well.
  4. Here is mine (click on it to supersize it):


    Let me know if you need more detailed photo.
  5. OHhh wow do you think the one w/the different stitching is fake?? Oh man im usually so good at telling .. my "spider senses are off":huh:
  6. My black and white have the same stitching as Irene's, I got mine in Japan when they first came out. Maybe it's just a different factory? It looks real enough.
  7. LV made the bags with both versions of stitchings.
  8. That bag looks very real.
  9. I would have guessed it to be real too.
  10. I think it looks good