MC Alma pics....

  1. I saw a singer with the MC Alma. Her name is Minh Tuyet.
  2. Never heard of her but I like the bag. I like the Alma style :yes:
  3. I love the alma! Never heard of her either.
  4. who is she?
  5. She's a vietnamese singer.
  6. her shirt looks like it went through a shredder, but the bag is :tup:
  7. Love the alma!!
  8. i love this bag
  9. Don't know her too but I know the alma is so nice.
  10. I love this bag, I have one in black;)
  11. lol love the bag & shes really pretty:yes:
  12. I love the Alma too ... such a classy bag! Not familiar with this singer though!
  13. She's preeetty and her hair is puuurfect.... and I soooo want that bag!:drool:
  14. love the bag except for the vachetta under:sad:
  15. What a beautiful bag :flowers: poor me, I can't keep the bottom flawless.