MC Alma or Mono Leonor?


Which bag would you buy?

  1. The MC Alma --handbag

  2. The Mono Leonor--shoulder bag

  3. BOTH

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  1. I'm so torn ladies. Please help.

    I have the chance to buy one of these bags from an online friend who is getting rid of some stuff.

    She has both of these bags and I'm trying to figure out which one I prefer. I want them both really.

    But lets say I have to pick one---which one would you choose?

    The look of the Alma is nice and pulled together but also has a splash of fun to it because of the MC color.

    The Leonor is a bag that I've lusted over for quite some time. Its just a bad a** bag IMO. Plus its discontinued. :supacool:

  2. Leonor!!!! I had a MC Alma and ended up selling it. The Leonor is more unique and special. :yes:
  3. Here's the leonor for point of reference.


  4. Out of curiosity why did you sell it? It so cute in pics
  5. where are u planning to take your purse?
    For night outs - Leonor is perfect
    For daily work trips - MC Alma is nice
  6. The shape just didn't work for me. Something about the wide bottom and it being so structured...I prefer the MC Speedy.

  7. ^^Nowhere in particular. I carry my bags depending on my mood, outfit or weather. LOL:lol:

    I rarely buy a bag for a certain occasion. Its got to be something I can use all the time.

    And I can see myself using bot of these all the time. They are both so pretty.:upsidedown:
  8. The Leonor! My aunt has the Theda and it's gorgeous! But then again I've never really been an MC fan.
  9. i don't like either one, but i think the Alma looks somewhat better. there's too many frills and fancies going on with the Leonor :yucky:
  10. The Leonor is nice and all but it's definitely not practical for everyday use. The Alma is so much more useful and opens very wide and is much easier to get into.
  11. I'm surprised to hear thta some don't care for the Leonor.

    It DOES have a lot going on but I think that's what my attraction to it is. its SO different.

    True you can't wear it with everything....but won't it be SUPER cute when dressed up or casually dressed? :love:

    Do any PF member have a pic of themselves with the Leonor? :idea:
    Carmen electra is distracting..well, just cuz she's carmen. LOL
  12. Lenor!! I've always loved this bag, plus it's discontinued. You could always get the MC Alma later if you still want it.

  13. My feelings exactly!
  14. OMG!!! This is not fair!!! You can't compare those two bags!!! It's like comparing luggage and an evening clutch!!!:lol: Alma fits A TON where as Leonor is tiny and can only be used for a night out, etc. I actually passed on Leonor when they first came out:shocked:! It was too much $$$ for a bag that size, IMO. If you can find a great deal on one, then go for it!!! It IS cute, don't get me wrong but not enough bag for the money and for the amount of time you are going to use (are you going to use or are you going to admire it like you do your Mizi?!;))!!! Well, there is always "BOTH" option, right?!:graucho:

  15. ROFLMFAO!!!!!! :roflmfao: ^^^

    You GOT me. You know what, if I did get the Leonor I would probably just admire it for a while. BUT--atleast I'd have it, right?

    God willing, I have a lifetime to carry it. Nothing wrong with admiring it on my shelf until I work up the courage. LOL

    Do you guys really think I would not get much use out of the leonor? its not that dressy is it?
    Can someone compare it in size it another LV to give the an idea?

    Its bigger than the pochette but smaller than the what? According to LV it is 13inches long. that's bigger than a ruler.

    It not that tiny is it? I've never seen one in person. Just on Carmen's shoulder. LOL