Mc Alma In White

  1. Hi everyone,

    Me and the DH were in LV today and the white mc Alma caught my eye (I was looking at the carryall or neverfull to compliment my everyday bag). The DH thinks it's absolutely gorgeous but my concerns are as follows:

    1) Is it too late to get the white since the summer is almost over? I wasn't crazy about it in the mc black:sad:. Can I use the bag all year long despite the white?

    2) Is the white difficult to keep clean?

    3) I'm 43 - am I too "old" for this lovely beauty? (The hubby says I look 10 years younger;))

    BTW this will be my 1st LV!!!

    Need your opinions please!!!
  2. I have it and love it. It is really easy to care for (dirt just wipes off with a damp cloth) and IMO can be worn all year by nearly anyone of any age. My mom is in her 50's and is carrying her white MC Speedy right now!
  3. I have the Alma in black and wear it all year long. I also have the speedy in white, and tend to only wear during the spring and summer months, but I am weird that way.:graucho:
  4. It's a gorgeous bag. Age doesn't matter since LV is timeless.....go for it !!!!!
  5. Oh stop! This age thing and MC is a fable! LV is timeless and ageless. Really. I know Rebecca carries her white MCs year round. But then again Rebecca is a California gal. I am a Jersey gal and my white MCs are strictly half year bags.
  6. Not sure where you live, but in the Great Northwest our summers are short and I just don't get into light colored bags.

    As far as age....age schmage when it comes to's all good!!!
  7. get it. this bag is gorgeous for all ages and year round. I have it and love it.
  8. Hi..

    1, LV is for anyone at any age, regardless, IMO :smile:

    2, MC can be pulled off easily any season :smile:

    3, Just have to be careful with the bottom because of the vachetta :smile:

    Best of luck :heart:
  9. MC white alma is very pretty IMO ~!
  10. I have it and I'm 38. Dirt wipes off really easy. As for the vachetta bottom, try to tan it in a sunny window to get the patina going. Then spots will wipe off easier as it gets a darker patina. I live in north texas and I tend to carry mine year around. It just depends on my outfit, not really the weather. Get it! It's my husband's favorite bag I own.
  11. I think white MC Alma is a very eye catching bag, you'll get lots of attention carrying just any MC piece. I'd say get, my mom is in her late 50's and carries a white MC Marilyn.
  12. Wow!! Thanks for all the replies!!

    I live in New York so there's the fall and winter to contend with but judging on what some of you said I could use it year round so I might just go ..... what the heck!! It's good to hear that all ages, young and "old" can wear the mc. I guess I was sort of hung up on the age thing but you guys put me at ease:tup:.

    Robbins65, how do you like the Alma in black mc? I thought it was gorgeous but it seemed to me that it just did not "pop" like the white:sad:.
  13. Congrats on your new buy!! MC alma is so so pretty! :tup:
  14. yes! get it! mc white alma is gorgeous!!
  15. Mc alma is great.