MC ALma for everyday?

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  1. Lately i have been carry my MC Alma every where, and i just want to know if anyone in here that carry it for every day too? Me i :heart: it:yahoo:
  2. I used to hide mine and it never saw the light of day for almost 3 years! But now that no matter how much I hide it, it still developed a patina, I just use it and loving it. I've got the black.
  3. I have the Alma in white MC. I hate to say I hardly use it, but it's one of my favorite bags. If I could use it everyday I would but I use bags that match by outfit so, I usually change bags everyday.
  4. I love the black multi colour and it goes with so much -- the only thing I do not like it with is patterns.. but I say if you wear alot of black or solids go for it..
    The Alma mulit is on my wish list.. its beautiful!
  5. black mc is gorgeous hard to believe anyone would think it is tacky....I love it and it is my fav...I own the aureilla mm in black and it is my fav but, do not carry it everyday because of rain and snow want to keep it nice...when the weather is nice I take it out and it gets lots of glances...if I lived in a warmer climate I would carry that bag everyday and it goes with love the black mc alma...stunning congrats on a fabulous bag and you have great taste!!!!
  6. The mono alma was my first bag and I used it everyday for a few months until I expanded my collection. If I had one in MC I would probably use it more.
  7. Same here. I have the white MC Alma but I only use it during the spring/summer months. For some reason, I rarely carried it this past summer tho. :shrugs:
  8. I can't see myself carrying MC line everyday, so unfair to rest of the bags, NO?