MC Alma, Audra or Trouville? Ladies, please help!!!!!!!!

  1. I need your help. I dont have anything from the MC line and tPF has now made me want something from MC in white. The problem is that I cant decide between the Alma, Audra or Trouville. I haven't seen many people with Audra and even though the Alma can fit alot, to me it seems like a bag for a mature person (I do not want to offend any Alma lovers, I'm just 25). There are days when I adore the Trouville and then there are days when I feel it looks like luggage. I need your advice.....Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Trouville...check out bagsnbags new Trouville does not look like luggage at all and she is tiny...I want that bag in white so nice...
  3. i :heart: Trouville among those 3..

    Audra isnt too practical i think, considering its size.
    While Alma somehow doesnt look right in MC IMO :Push:

    HTH :heart:
  4. I like the Audra the best then the Trouville.
  5. when would you be using this bag? in my opinion, the trouviille is more casual and the audra is more dressy (the chain handle is nice!).

    i don't like the mc alma. sorta look like dead alien drooling from the zipper side. (zipper = mouth, zipper pull = saliva, x x on the leather handle tabs = eyes). :silly:
  6. Trouville
  7. trouville is beautiful.Audra is too small,Open top and very pricey.Alma is too formal.
  8. Out of the three, Trouville looks better in MC
  9. trouville!
  10. I just got it!!! it's nothing like luggage...the bag is perfect size not too big not too small..
    check out visuals , you can see some pfers with's so the outside pocket for easy access...
  11. I say Audra. Its different, you dont see many :smile:and i think you could carry this bag daily with no issues.
  12. Trouville or Audra. I Love the Alma but I prefer the other two. I do not see them as much but if it was me, I would get the Trouville in a second, no questions asked!
  13. I made a trade for a white MC Alma, & I just love it. I hung the Panda cles on it, & it looks adorable. I think it's for all ages. I vote for the Alma! :yes:
  14. ALMA!!!:love:
  15. the Trouville is my favorite bag in the Multicolore line. i have the white one and it's a fabulous bag, very pretty and feminine