MC agenda...color??

  1. which color would you choose white or black? I think they both look cute with mono, but what about with a damier bag???? TIA:smile:
  2. Im sure it will look good with damier. Do you own any multicolore bags? If you do you may want to match them, if not this is always a tough decision for me. But I would have to say white being I have a white multicolore bag.
  3. My vote is for white MC!
  4. I vote for my fave: Black MC.
  5. for an agenda, i would say black because your little paws will be on it often and it will probably be laid on tables etc while you are writing. stains would be less noticeable if they happened :biggrin:
  6. While I prefer the white, I don't know if the inside lining of the Damier might color transfer on to it. I might be safe and go with black.
    They are both beautiful though!
  7. white
  8. White!
  9. I love the look of the white, but I think the black is more suitable for an agenda.
  11. I like white best, but think black would be safer since your hands will be on it constantly.
  12. Black for all of the reasons listed above me !