MC address bracelet question

  1. So I bought the white MC address bracelet about a year and a half ago, and the little leather bow always comes off:hysteric: well, this past summer I had it sent in for repairs. Tonight, I notice it fell off again!!!:push: So I call LV, the 866 number, and they tell me nothing can be done besides me paying for it to be repaired AGAIN!! I am like, well since it was not repaired properly last time, I don't think that is fair. The lady was quite rude and degrading and told me, "mam I am not going to get into this with you"!! I asked, "get into what"? What do I do? This is so weird, b/c not only will they not do anything, but the lady was a bit$h to me!!! Any opinions?
  2. i only had mine for a few months and lost it. The bow on my mono bracelet I have no problems with
  3. The bow comes off? Yikes. I bought my MC bracelet about two years ago and I never had any problems with it. Can you talk to you SA and see what can be done since you have already tried to repair it?

  4. I know, I am do EVER replace an item if its defective?
  5. Usually, when something cannot be repaired LV will replace it if it is within the warranty. I would talk to the manager or your SA to see what can be done.
  6. I had no problem going into LV and having the part ordered and fastened for me right on the spot at no charge.

    Do you have an LV boutique near you?
  7. Ohhhh, the bracelet with the bow is called the "address" bracelet. :noggin: I have that and I've confused it with the "wish" bracelet for all these years. I thought the "address" flap was a place for you to write a wish :shame:. I only wore mine a few times, but that sucks if the bow comes off.
  8. i have no problem with the bow in my mono addie bracelet....but i saw one in pink at some second hand store and the bow looks like it's about to fall off....

    i think it's the same for cb pouchettes,

    my b/p's bow is great but my p/p's bow can move around a bit (which i hate)

    i guess the best u can do is to send it in for a repair and stress on how u want it intact good....or else!!! haha :smile:

    good luck!!
  9. thanks for the info. I will have to bring mine in to get fixed.
  10. The bow on my mono address bracelet is firmly attached to the bracelet and doesn't seem like to move or fall off.